Welcome To Le Beauty Core

At Le Beauty Core, our main mission is to make you feel welcomed, leave feeling and looking beautiful, and achieving the look/hair style you had in mind. We strive to promote wellness, strive for excellence, and embody creativity that defines a look you are confident with . With 7 stylists on our team we are your one-stop full service beauty service salon!

Straight Hair

Initially established in 2012, Lé Beauty Core recently re-established, and revamped, and most importantly is under new management to become the best hair salon in Los Angeles.

We invite you to please come in to try a new-look, or maintain your current look, then book with a hair stylist at Lé Beauty Core.

Le Beauty Core is the best hair salon in Los Angeles

Read a few of our Yelp testimonials below to see why!

One more review from a male customer.

I am not Korean, which meant there was a little communication difficulty. But the girl who cut my hair was pretty quick to pick up what I meant. They even have a hairstyle book so you can choose your base style and go from there.

$25 includes a haircut with basic styling and a shampoo wash with meager massage.

Bonus was that they give you a smock and a hair bib and I actually walked out with no itchy feeling or seeing any hair on my clothes. That's pretty clutch!

Only thing to be nicer for me would be to have better English skills, but they still accommodated well and did a very fine job. So don't really let that dissuade you at all.

Jason H. (4 Stars)

Wow. I am impressed and I'm not impressed that easily..

So, I went to Le Beauty Core to get ma nails did (no hurr did, no everything did)....no, but seriously, I came here for a gel manicure and a pedicure and for a make up application.

Walking in, everyone is really friendly and warm. While the salon is primarily Korean (it's K-Town!), you don't get that awkward feeling you don't belong, Le Beauty Core makes you feel part of the family.

I had my make up done by Joanne, who is fabulous, adorable and so sweet. She asked me what I wanted and I said: Smokey eyes, perfect skin and cheekbones. Well, my god, she gave me smokey eyes with a cat eye and it looked gorgeous, I've never seen my eyes look so beautiful before... My eyes are hazel and turn different colors depending on eye make up and she turned them bright green. Joanne also spent a great deal of time making sure my skin was perfect and she covered up all the flaws (acne scarring, Anne Frank under eye circles), she used high quality products and my god, the cheekbones she gave me.... oh, I was just too happy. This girl knows how to contour and highlight. (BTW, the make up is still on right now and is in perfect form after more than 12 hours)

My nails... oh my nails. I am in love with them. If i could marry them, I would. Imelda started with my pedicure first and surprisingly, I did not scream when she started exfoliating my feet, because it was not the usual ticklish thing they do at other salons, it was a real exfoliant and it felt damn amazing. The massage also was fantastic and I almost fell asleep in the chair.

For my pedicure, I got a gradient look, midnight blue on top with a silvery gray transition to the bottom. It looks amazing and she did a fantastic job on it and spent a lot of time making sure it was just right.

For my manicure, oh man, my nails look like the ocean right now. Literally. Getting a gel manicure was the best decision in the world and the colors I picked, I basically chose tiffany blue and a darker shade and again, did the gradient and got a crown (bougie i know) on my thumb. This manicure took a long time as well but because it was gel and because again, Imelda put in all her effort to make sure it looked great.

The location is a bit inconvenient for me as I live in the valley but I would totally come back here for the great customer service, the "you're family" feeling and of course, for the way Imelda does nails and for Joanne's make up.

I want to try all of their services now. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to really get their bang for their buck. These ladies do not rush you, they take their time making sure you look perfect. I love it.

I'm coming back again. Soon.

Nicole A. (5 Stars)